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Mailing Services

Mailing is a fast, easy and affordable way to advertise your business. Within 3-5 business days, your products can be in the mail and on it's way to your best customers and selected prospects. offers one of the most sophisticated mailing services in the nation utilizing the latest technology enabling printing addresses directly on UV coated surfaces. This allows us to quickly print your product with a High Gloss UV coating and get it out to your target market without the wait.

Mailing with Redbird is a convenient solution that will cut down on your cost of shipping as we will set up and handle the mailing right from our location just after printing.

Our mailing team handles the processing of your mailing list CASS certification, addressing, presorting, and delivery to the post office.

Direct mail pricing

Get your products in the mail quickly and inexpensively. We can mail your products and save you money on the postage, which will make our product mailing cost very effective.

What it will cost you to do it yourself?

Normally your postage for a 4 x 6 postcard is 28 cents. That is the maximum size for the 28 cent rate. If we do the product mailing for you, the postage will be anywhere from 20.5 cents to 23.0 cents per piece.


We lease a special software package from the U.S. Post Office that reads the addresses and assigns each a barcode. This software also removes all the addresses it recognizes as undeliverable so that you don't pay postage for cards that will inevitably be returned because of a bad address. The Post Office gives us a discount because we have invested in automation.

There are many rules and regulations in direct mail and the post office changes them constantly. So, although the concept is simple, the process is definitely not.

Additional info can also be printed on the card at the time of addressing for a slight additional charge. Ask your sales rep for details.

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