REDBiRD PRINTING: Design - Print - Packaging

Everything at REDBiRD PRINTING & PACKAGING is designed to make the production process as easy as possible for our customers. Follow these simple instructions below to upload your digital files to the REDBiRD PRINTING & PACKAGING server.

Need help along the way? Call 407-622-2292 or e-mail us at:

How to upload Art Files to the REDBiRD PRINTING & PACKAGING server:

Click the link provided which allows you access to our FTP server:
  • • You will be directed to a page that allows you to browse your computer and select the file(s) that you’d like to upload.
  • • No login or password information is needed.
  • • Once your upload is complete, please call or send an email to your REDBiRD PRINTING & PACKAGING representative to let them know the name of the file(s) so that we are able to start working on your project immediately.